• Solomon Technologies to launch advanced and economical "Solomon I Pads" in India.
  • Solomon Technologies Limited to Launch Solar water heaters in India. This wills the first indigenous Solar water heater produced in India.
  • Solomon Bio Pharma and Research entering E-business in healthcare with their portal
  • Solomon Bio Pharma and Research to launch first highly advanced "Solomon I Prum" to drain stagnant Blood and Air from the Chest cavity and lungs. ( )
  • Solomon Bio Pharma and Research Launches first highly sophisticated Diabetic Socks in Indian Market.
  • Loops & Knots to enter E- Business with its range of Lingerie's in India. ( )
  • Loops & Knots looking for state partners in Retail business. ( )
  • Solomon Technologies Limited Signed a Real Estate Development Project with Shree Giriraj Maharaj Infratech Pvt. Ltd. ( )